About Us


Arab Company for Radio and Transistor (Telemisr) was founded in 1962 for the purpose of production and distribution and export of Radios and TVs. Its main activity diversified to include all types of electronic devices; ranging from TVs, Radio Cassette, Car Audio, Hi Fi, Home Theaters, Video Cassette, in addition to household appliances ( vacuum cleaners, blenders, crushers, slicers, and irons).

The product range has also encompassed electrical voltage regulators, cash registers, fans of all kinds, external antennas, and light bulbs. The company has also initiated production of computers, receivers, and cookers of various sizes.


WE recognize our responsibility and committed to be active contributor to the community welfare.

ESTABLISH the best practices to achieve highest quality standards in Electronics Industry to meet our client expectations.

CREATE environment where each person is valued and has growth opportunities.

ALLEVIATE our clients suffering by a strong, responsive and fast Maintenance system.

RECHARGE our staff to lead and keep up with competition.

EFFECTIVE provision of new products and achieve Financial Growth.


The success achieved locally and the confidence gained in the Egyptian market has paved the way for joint ventures with major international companies – at the time – including:

Japanese National Company in the production of video & audio cassette.

Korean Samsung Company in the production of TVs.

Korean Goldstar Company in the production of TVs & radio cassette.

Japanese Sanyo Company in the production of blenders and Irons.

International Orient Company in the production of electric fans.

International Imron Company in the production of cash registers.

Swedish Electrolux Company in the production of vacuum cleaners.

Polish Iskra Company in the production of electrical voltage regulators.

In addition to the above companies, Telemisr established cooperation with major Italian companies in the manufacturing of cookers and electric heaters.

As the demand for our products increased in the local & international markets, and emanating from our belief in the need to provide highest quality products and better competitive service, the company has adopted the following measures:

Implementing of multifaceted meticulous quality control systems covering each phase of the manufacturing process.
Implementing a collimated system monitoring the quality of the final product including equipment for measuring quality and the efficiency of the end product in each of the production lines.
In year1982 the company was awarded the international quality certificate (ISO 9002).


The company has established a special automated assembly factory for chassis which included high end assembly lines, in Giza city.

  • Giza Complex includes a factory for the automated assembly & production of TVs with a capacity of 300 units per 8 hours, a 2nd factory for paints, a 3rd for wooden and metal products, a 4th the factory specialized in the production of house ware products (vacuum cleaners, irons, blenders, food slicers, ceiling & desk fans, radio cassette, video tapes, receivers, and cookers), in addition to a mechanical workshop.


  • The company has also established a manufacturing complex in Ismailia, for the production of TVs hosting two production lines with a total output of 200 devices per 8 hours. Ismailia Complex includes a factory for coating, and a workshop for wood products, in addition to a factory for plastic injection containing 2 production lines with a capacity of 1600 ton & and 820 ton, respectively.