Air conditioning Factory

The establishment of the first factory for the manufacture of central air conditioning in Egypt

The Telemisr establishing a factory for the manufacture of central air conditioning in 1990 and the components of Egyptian industry by 90% local production has also Telemisr company in 2012 to focus again on the production of central air conditioning a way that allows them to enter the competitive market.

Telemisr company that provides trained and specialized labor to be able to deal with the adaptations devices, providing efficient and high quality services, as regular maintenance to ensure the safety of air conditioners provide all of this in order to ensure satisfaction to its customers.


Telemisr – Anlga

Arab Company Technological Industries – “Teknovally” said one Telemisr Group companies,” in collaboration with the company for the production of Anlga conditioning Home at competitive prices.

Production conditioning Anlga in Egypt Details

With the increase in prices of imported adaptations in Egypt to record prices this year because of the dollar, Anlga company announced collaboration with Tknovla production conditioning Anlga in Egypt for the first time in the markets