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Arab Company Technological Industries (Teknovally) SAE

Arab Company Technological Industries (Teknovally) a subsidiary of – Telemisr- Arab Radio and transistor (Telemisr) was founded in 1962 for Production, distribution and export of radio and television , its primary production of all types of electronics, television, Radjokasi, cassette cars, Hayevaa, home theater, video cassette, plus household appliances (vacuum cleaner, mixer, grinders, cutters and Iron )
Board of Directors:

Chairman of Board of Directors : Mr / Hani Ismail Mohammed Srour

Managing Director :Zaheer Abbas

Board Member: – Mr / Ahmed Abdel Halim Selim Mosque

Board Member: – Mr / Hajer Mohamed Abdel Wahab

The company produces and markets a variety of different products to the Egyptian market are as follows:



Products Samples


Number of burners: 4 burners  5 burners

Size: 55 × 55 cm, 55 × 80 cm, 60 × 80 cm

Cooker body: stainless surfaces (or) Fully Stainless

General specifications: Grill – bulb oven – a self-igniting – temporarily – colors

LED screens


Size (inches): 22-24 – 32-39 – 40-42 – 46-50

Smart (inches): 32-39 – 40-42 – 46-50



3 candle, candle and 4, remote control and without.



Capacity ranges from 1.5 liters up to 2.6 liters



Capacities ranging from 1,600 watts to 2000 watts.

Water Coolers


Business – Home



Stand – roof – wall, various sizes

Kitchen machine


Capacity: ranging from 300 watts up to 600 watts.

Functionality: (5) function even (25) Function



Capacity: ranging from so-liter (2.5 liters).

Capacity: capacities ranging from 200 watts up to 350 watts

Kneaders  , rackets eggs


Capacity: ranging from 2 liters up to about 4.7 liters.

Capacity: capacities ranging from 300 watts up to 550 watts

Electric ovens


Capacity ranges from 10 liters up to 53 liters.

Vegetable sector and preparations Ice cream


Capacity ranges from liters and even 2 liters.